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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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yemen's government forces close in on a strategic city held by houthi rebels for months. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead - rebel selling in southern damascus - dozens killed. plus... >> i'm in bentiu, south sudan, women are walking from here into the bush to collect firewood. coming back out they are beaten and raped the mexican neighbourhood explodes with colour in an
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effort to combat violence and crime. houthi rebels are strengthening defenses in yemeni capital sanaa after suffering losses. troops appeal to exiled president abd-rabbu mansour hadi and are in the city of ibb. dler backed by saudi arabia require scrips. -- saudi arabia air strikes. >> reporter: in the early hours fighters take position, leading to the city of aden. pro-government troops advance to the north. they are backed by the saleh coalition to fight houthi rebels. they made gains in the south and said they have support of the fighters. >> translation: we say go on, victory is behind you, people are coming.
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>> reporter: the fighters supporting pt hadi who is in exile in saudi arabia, seized control from the houthis with the help of allies. saudi arabia and the u.a.e. supply weapons and advisors, changing the fighting on the ground. anti-houthi tribes are being escorted to the border. fighters are preparing a 2-prong approach, from the south-east and south. if they stake ibb, they'll face resistance where there's local support for the shia houthi fighters. the other approach is where there are heavy fighting. . >> the introduction of the armoured tanks, and the trained yemeni make the shift. i think after the fall of tiaz and ibb, sanaa will be
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surrounded. in the name of the coalition, they'll surround sanaa, and especially the troops coming from mayra. >> reporter: the houthis also have support. hundreds of protesters gathered in sanaa, condemning the air strikes. >> translation: our presence is confirmation that we remain steadfast and never retreat and stand against colonialism. there are reports talks trying to find a solution brokered by yemen's neighbour. the u.n. has not helped to negotiate a ceasefire in a war claiming hundreds of lives and putting lives at risk because of lack of supplies. pro-government fighters see themselves in a position to tweeted them. -- to defeat them
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iran's foreign minister is heading to the syrian capital to meet with president bashar al-assad. it comes as rebel fighters shell the center of the city. five people have been killed. >> the government is targetting rebels on the outskirts of damascus, who were killed there. the director from the institute explains why iran is making its diplomatic push. >> there is an intense diplomatic activity for the last two weeks after the signature, there is a shift and a focus on syria. there is in the iranian initiative, we don't know that initiative. but it should be in mine with principles iran was pushing forward. but they are general principles. they consistent go into details. they relied on the syrian
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people, the fate of the president should be decided by the syrian people. the defending issue is the fate of the president bashar al-assad. i mean, why these iranian initiatives is faced with these conditions. and the number one saudi arabia condition is that no dude or there's no place for bashar al-assad in any possible solution inside syria. the number one priority for the saudi and other countries is the removal of bashar al-assad. they consider bashar al-assad not as part of the solution, but part of the problems. he's one of the main reasons for the emergence of d.a.e.s.h. now it's a game changer. it's between the turks and saudi arabia. there's a change on the ground. opposition forces are taking a
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new - they are advancing, and this is pushing the iranian and the russian to try to strike but they are losing by the day. >> libya's prime minister plans to step down. the leader of the country's internationally recognised government made the announcement in a television interview. it comes a day after u.n. brokered peace talks got under way between the warring factions in geneva. rob matheson with the details. >> reporter: this is the moment abdullah says he'll resign. during an interview with a private libyan station he's asked what he'd do if people over the country come out to demand his resignation. he replies that people do not need to protest. if he is an obstacle to the progress of libya, he resigns.
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it's likely to have an impact in geneva. where libya's two rival parliaments are face to face. the u.n. wants both sides to merge into a single government the deadline is two weeks away, there has been positive signs. for a peaceful solution to the crisis in libya, we are heading to geneva, in order to achieve a political solution reflected in the situation. politically and economically. >> the continuation of the situation will only lead to more disasters. libyans, neighbouring countries and the international community will not tolerate the security and political vacuum that exists now. he has stepped down before, in april 2014, only to stay on as a caretaker prime minister. four months later he's dismissed by the rival general national congress based in tripoli. he's reinstated by lawmakers in tobruk, and ordered to form a crisis government.
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the internationally recognised government in tobruk is accused of having little influence, it's trying to play down the prime minister's announcement. the latest resignation could have a big impact on efforts to bring peace. to the battle weary libyans. at least six have been killed in a suspected boko haram attack in north-eastern nigeria, following a bombing that killed 47 people in the market of sabon. 135km south of the capital maiduguri we have the latest from north-east nigeria. >> reporter: the attacker wanted to cause maximum damage. that is what happened. she targeted a busy market on a market day. hospital sources say the fatalities could rise because of the scarcity of some of the injuries after the attack. this incident happened as nigeria troops, along side troops from neighbouring countries, cameroon and the republic are stepping up
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operations against boko haram. over the last two months, we saw how boko haram shrunk and the eighty to attack and retain territories, they have been degraded by the activity or the actions of the military or the neighbouring countries. we saw how they changed tactics to targeting targets like markets, and mosques. killing as many as they can. this also is coming at a time when nigerians were hopeful that they have seen the last of such attacks. it's been more than a week since there was any major attack of this area in the north-east of nigeria. >> 40 people are missing in central china after a landslide swept through a mining town. the department said that dormitories were buried along with three homes. four people have been rescued from debris the chinese currency fell to its weakest point against the
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dollar, after the central bank intervened pushing it lower for a second day. the trade partners accused beijing of manipulating forren exchange to make its exports cheaper. >> russia in recession, but the figures are worse than predicted. analysts predicted the economy passed through the worst of its troubleses. they were wrong, as rory challands reports. >> the economic fronts in russia's confrontation with the west is throwing up bizarre spects concludes. dutch flowers in flames, drayed because of pest contamination. >> these are freshly cut flowers from the netherlands, infected with western californian trips. russia is testing dutch flour imports for such beasts. the netherlands suspects in is retaliation for the shooting of
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flight 17 in you cane. in response to sanctions. and the war in ukraine, russia pans the import of european foo foods. it's been distrig products seized from borders. less spectacular is what is happening to the economy. official figures show there was a 4.6" contraction compared to the same quarter as last year, following a 2.2 contraction. there's no doubt about it, russia is in recession. this was wide by expected. it has come as a bit of a shock that the contraction was slightly worse than analysts predicted. >> in the second quarter we saw that the real wages of the population continued to decline. also the retail end was
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struggling and this was constraining consumption is playing a fart -- playing a part in this, pulling the ruble down to a value not seen since february. the government is saying that the worst is over, it doesn't seem to be yet here is what is coming up next on al jazeera. why some of the poorest people in southern india say a landredistribution scheme failed them. and a lethal cocktail. the risk of being poisoned bitch sipping the wrong kind of alcohol in indonesia. indonesia. for the type of person that i am. >> facing tough challenges. >> we do feel cheated by the american university process. >> taking a stand. >> it's gonna be on my terms on how i want it to be.
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>> boldly pursuing their dreams. >> what did i do? >> the lives of american teenagers.
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the top stories on al jazeera. houthi rebels strengthening after suffering in the south. they are in the strategic city of ibb. iran's foreign minister heading to damascus wednesday, heads to damascus. it comes as it is shelled. the government is targetting rebels on the out skirts of the capital. >> chinese ruble has found. it's after the central bank pushed it lower for a second day aid groups in south sudan say sexual violence against women is increasing. we report from bentiu where there has been fight, women are
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vulnerable to attacks. >> each day the displaced women in bentiu walk into the bush to collect firewood. they'll spend half a day trying to collect enough to sell. some say they are returning beaten and raped. >> they point a gun at us and told us to drop the firewood and follow them. >> this woman we'll call mary to protect her identity says she and a group of women were gang raped by south sudan soldiers at gunpoint. after they do a bad deed and leave you like that, you are almost as good as dead. you are useless. all that is left is that they shoot us. the women are faced with a choice - trying to earn money when food is scarce or staying inside the camp where they are protected by u.n. peacekeepers.
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the u.n. international committee said it helped thousands who had been victims of sexual violence. women told us they were beaten and raped by government soldiers. they viewed them as sympathetic to opposition fighters. aid groups say all parties in this conflict are guilty of sexually assaulting women. the government launched a campaign to encourage women to report rape and seek treatment. some accuse them of doing nothing but using rape as a weapon of war. an accusation that the government denies. we will not allow them to do that. if we dispatch a team to investigate. you will find things that shocked you. simply because the people came and don't want to stay the truth. it's a complaint against the government.
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>> mary worries that she contracted a disease, and said she's too terrified to return to the bush. other women we spoke to say they are afraid of being attacked. but they are collecting firewood, and taking the risk to survive in texas a white police officer who fatally shot a black teenager has been fired. brad miller shot christian taylor after officials say he is was seen on c c.t.v. vandalizing cars at a dealership. the policeman was undergoing training with the department at the time of the killing the head of the u.s. environmental protection agency apologised for a toxic spill into two colorado rivers, e.p.a. workers accidentally released more than 11 million litres of sludge from a disused goldmine. the agency says the analyst will
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remain closed immediately mound. new mexico and colorado declared a stage state of emergency. the e.p.a. is taking responsibility to ensure it's cleaned up. the important thing is to ensure the health and assessments of residents and visitors near the river and we are committed to helping people that rely on the rivers for drinking water, irrigation, water and recreation. we know how important it is to them we have more from the town of silverton. >> i'm at the confluence of the river. it was here last week in the hills over there, where millions of litres of toxic sludge suddenly emerged. they flooded down the creek into the river, the amazing plume of
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neon-toxic merely moving. it's still moving downstream, through colorado, new mexico and is heading to the grand canyon. it is heavily diluted. there's sitll questions as to how toxic it is, and what the long-term affects are. interestingly, here in colorado, from the governor downwards, they were upbeat. on tuesday, they suggested ph levels, acidity levels have returned to normal. there's no discernible effect on the wildlife or fishstock. the sediment is unlikely to pose such a threat in the future. they need to wait for the environmental protection agency, for them to be given the all clear to allow people into the river. that is not likely to come for another week or so. . >> indonesia is trying to limit a sale of alcohol by saling import duties. it's posing a ban, with operators worried that visitors will be put off from travelling
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to the country. others believe it will force people to drink home-made alcohol that is poison and this report from jakarta. >> reporter: this man turned blind eight years ago, two days after drinking home-made alcohol bought on the street, he lost his optimal nerve. hundreds die after drinking lethal cocktails containing methanol. >> translation: his future is gone. for us as parents it's hard. those that die don't suffer this much. i know him, he drove everywhere, was active. now he can't see even people who think they buy official alcohol run the risk of being poisoned. an illegal producer showed us how he prepares fake whiskey and sells it as the reel things at a third of the price. the contents are alarming.
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it is normally used to disinfect rooms, caffeine and water. business is booming. he doesn't want his identity to be revealed. >> demand is increasing because price of real alcohol has gone up dramatically. burs are trying to reduce their costs. >> indonesia's spirit and wine association says sales of official drinks are down by 50%. people will still look for alcohol, although it's hard to get. if they don't find real alcohol and the government does not put measures in place to educate tourists, illicit alcohol will increase. more will die, and the fact that tourists died is not good for the reputation. >> according to the world health organization, indonesia's alcohol consumption is among the lowest in the world.
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tough regulations are needed to protect the population. >> translation: people can die of alcohol poisoning anywhere. just because a few die, doesn't mean we can let 250 million indonesians drink alcohol. that's why the policy is undesirable for people in indonesia to drink. >> reporter: a draft to ban alcohol is being discussed by parliament. import duties are being increased. >> a draft banning alcohol will have exceptions for tourism and celebration. others say it will not prevent an increase in death. whether the stricter measures save lives remain to be seen. in the meantime foreign visitors and inton irons are warned about the dangers. on wednesday, thousands of people across the indian state are expected to protest over an
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unsuccessful land redistribution scheme. zero landless initiative launched in 2013. at the time to provide lands for the poor households. once their operation is approved. each family is given 121 square meters of land. so far what has happened is over 10% of those applicants have actually been given deeds, with fewer who receive their plots. we have this report. >> reporter: they never imagined being given a peace of land would cost so much despair. with no income and a blind husband to take care of, they were prime candidates. for 12 years, we tried hard to get the land. we did. it's not in this area, we can't move. we have money to build a house there.
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our lndlord wants to evict us. land is in a fishing area. moving means she'd lose her job. they say they can't afford to move and the land is unlivable, many consider them unfortunate. 14,000 in this district applied for the scheme, and so far only 150 so far have received lands. the project was launched by the government two weeks ago, they were given papers confirming the applications were successufl, they have not got the plot yet. >> if we don't get it soon, we will protest, commit suicide. that's the only way. we can't carry on like this, we are all very poor. >> in recent years, social unrest over land ownership has become common. in the state, a progressive land rights bill was established in 1957 and promised fair distribution of land. about 70% of the households here don't own land, the highest in india.
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activists say the zero landless scheme is ineffective and gives the impression that the government is tackling the issue. >> it may be land, some other persons, existing means that it may be land occupied by some other persons. sometimes that land may be removed and not be used. the district is one of the densely populated in the country, with 1,500 for every square kilometre. state land reserves are used in the scheme. they are limited. >> it is better thi give us found to purchase the land. >> reporter: they have been asking for help from the government to build a house. they had no response. life was better before she got
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the land. >> hindu devotees are celebrating a festival, the 14th night of the new moon. pim grimes visit to make offering. it is known as the destroyer and part of a hindu trinity tens of thousands of turtle eggs have been stolen from beaches in mexico. they've been taken by poachers, making profits from the shells and meat. 80% have been taken since marine guarding the beaches were relocated last year former drugs gang members in mexico put down weapons and picked up paint brushes and are giving the neighbourhood a multi colour makeover. john holman reports.
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>> it's the big mural in mexico. graphity artists spend more than a year planning and paining 200 houses together with lotion ams, this one better known as monkey. >> he's the one climbing up the ladder. >> i feel good, proud to be part of this because in the future. my children are going to see this, how the neighbourhood looks good now. the mexican government funded the scheme to turn around the neighbourhood known for crime and violence. it's about putting the youth to work and giving them a positive environment, says this former gaj leader. >> art with social programs can change people's lives. empower neighbours and generate social unity. murals it breaks up barriers like this one. mexico's well-known as the
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cradle of modern muralism, and great artists used it to expose social and political problems. in this case the painters are looking to project harmony and unity. >> it's a brave colour scheme, some locals are not too impressed. others see it as a game changer. >> we are all surprised by the new colours, this was a rough neighbourhood. now it has calmed down. who knows how they there done it. they talk to the youngsters, they come from a different neighbourhoods too. they understand it. >> reporter: 20,000 litres of paint later and the new-look neighbourhood, monkey sees as a gift to his children, is almost finished and the battle against obesity. the latest enemy appears to be our own bodies, researchers in canada discovered a gene which could be linked to white fat.
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the fats blamed for problems with weight, heart disease and diabetes. scientists said they blocked pt gene in mice, reducing fat content by half. more on that story on the website >> test results expected on water today. many residents have lost faith in the agency to keep them safe. >> officers in ferguson say video proves tyrone harris had a gun. >> hillary clinton bows to pressure, handing over her private email server to the justice department amid the